Figuring out the the best 3G mobile internet plan that works for you can be tedious. There are so many options that one can easily get confused. There are several interesting 3G internet plans available in the market today but getting one that fits your needs is not easy as one thinks it might be.

But why?

The reason is that most people do not have the required know-how to figure out what works for them. Before selecting a 3G Internet plan, one has to ask himself several questions, like the following.

1. What is your average internet usage like?

2. How much data do you consume?

3. Do you download heavy files like media off the internet?

4. Would you be using the internet for basic things like social networking, email etc?

5. Do you remain online once a while, too frequent or 24/7?

6. What is your monthly budget?

Based on the above questions, its easy to make a selection.

For instance, if you have the habit of downloading large files off the internet and stay 24/7 online on social networks, then you might want to consider going for a higher data plan that covers your needs. Otherwise if you are going to use the internet connection for basic surfing like emails and social networking, a lower data plan will suffice.

DataJack has an excellent data usage calculator, that can help you figure it.

They also have amazing data plans starting from as low as $9.99 per month to $49.99 per month.

Check it out here.

3G Internet Data Plans

$9.99 per month
200 MB Plan
Ideal for checking email and keeping up with the latest news.

$19.99 per month
500 MB Plan
Ideal for occasional travelers who need to keep in touch.

$29.99 per month
1 GB Plan
Ideal for travelers tired of paying pay-per-connect fees at airports and hotels.

$49.99 per month
5 GB Plan
Ideal for mobile workforce connectivity and those that are always on the go.