DataJack is different from the other service providers that they deliver what is promised. You can see this from various user discussions, online forums and even their facebook fan page. There are no contracts what so ever with the connection so you can pick it up without any doubt.

3G mobile broadband speeds are pretty amazing, and DataJack has a very transparent policy on this. They have a coverage map put up on the site, where once can check if they have 3G coverage in their area. This helps a lot for new users.

What is even more interesting is that DataJack 3G has very convenient data plans. Starting from as low as $9.99 per month. This is very useful because not everyone wants to get a mobile broadband connection for a two year contract or pay a hefty sum for the data they are not using. People use mobile broadband internet for very limited use and wish to pay only for what you use. Here is where, DataJack scores over others.

Their plans are so simplified and easy to pick that there is one for every type of user. One for the minimal user ($9.99), one for the frequent user and one for the 24/7 person ($49.99).

Check out their products here.